Wednesday, July 06, 2005


My destination tonight was the Publix supermarket in search of the Hidden Valley Ranch fat free ranch dressing that was unavailable at the nearby Jones Red and grocery store. Just prior to my departure, I installed a Delta Air Zounds air horn. And I had a chance to use it.

While passing the Red and White, a mini van turned right directly into my path. I hit the horn and moved to the left to avoid a collision. Not sure if the motorist heard me. I felt better, nonetheless.

On the way back I encountered Amy and Paul loading their truck for their move from the Chatham Crescent-Ardsley Park Historic District. They said they had investigated purchasing bikes once they were settled in the Savannah National Landmark Historic District. I encouraged this idea.

Miles: 5
Weather: Clear, 94 degrees.
Time of day: Early evening
Other cyclists observed: 2 (competitive/training) 2 (recreational)
Number of cyclists riding on the wrong side of the street: 0
Total miles this bike year: 16

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