Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Cadillac of bicycles

Todd is also pondering the "Lance Effect" and comes to a slightly different conclusion than I did. He doesn't seem all that confident that new bicycle owners, inspired by Lance Armstrong, will discover that their machines can serve as viable alternatives to their automobiles.

If I'm reading Todd correctly, the message he gets from Armstrong is this: A bicycle is a device that can mold you into an athlete of incredible stamina, who defies expectations and overcomes obstacles. In this way, a bicycle is no different than a rowing machine. It will improve your physical prowess, but you wouldn't want to ride one to the video store. I guess a fancy road bicycle, like Armstrong's Trek, is sort of like an exercise bike you'd see in a gym, except it's more "extreme" or "in your face" on account of you can strap in to the top of your SUV and drive around with it up there.

Speaking of SUVs, the thing to have mounted to the roof rack of your Escalade is a new Cadillac Bicycle. My brief visit to the Cadillac Bicycle Web site did not reveal any children's bicycles, but that didn't stop Detroit's NBC affiliate from describing the bicycles as a New Children's Luxury. After all, what kind of respectable adult would ride a bicycle?

Luckily, the folks at Cadillac have offered some (mostly good) riding tips, should any of their customers actually try to use one of these bicycles. My favorite in No. 5: "Avoid biking at night."

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