Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Reporting from the danger zone

A story from the University of Florida's Independent Alligator newspaper uses that state's status as the national leader in bicyclist fatalities to frame a thorough and thoughtful examination of local bicycle safety issues. It's doubtful that the Gainesville Sun or any other general circulation newspaper would have devoted so much ink to the issue. As a student newspaper, the Alligator's readership probably includes a substantial contingent of transportational cyclists and I consider Drew Harwell's piece a fine example of a newspaper serving its audience.

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Anonymous said...

That's really interesting. I was car-free in Florida for a couple years back in 1997-98 and the people there were so absolutely rude. They yelled and hollered and passed as close as they could. It was unbelievable. And this was a small town, no big city.

I've recently gone car-free again, but this time I'm in a small town in Kansas. Folks here are very courtesy (mostly) around us on our bikes. They'll pull all the way into the other lane to pass (when they can). They smile and wave.

Then again, perhaps the rising gas prices might have a factor in the current niceness. Folks today are maybe starting to realize that riding a bike isn't so funny after all.