Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More about the weather

Savannah experienced an uncharacteristic episode of cold temperatures and even snow last week, although all I saw was rain. I actually enjoyed riding in the rain and (relative) cold, except for my hand parts, which needed some handsocks or gloves, as they are sometimes called. All last week I was really interested in what was happening in the atmosphere. There are instruments designed for this purpose, including thermometers, barometers, psychrometers and anemometers. Then there's the Weather Channel and the local television news. All good ways to determine the current weather conditions.

I've discovered another instrument for determining the current weather conditions. It's called a bike rack and here's how you read it: As the temperature rises to 60 degrees, the number of bicycles attached to begins to increase. When the air temperature reaches 80 degrees, the number of bikes attached to the rack begins to decrease. So, if you examine this photo of the bike rack outside my office, you can easily see that the temperature was 75 degrees.

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Jim said...

I think I know which bike is yours.