Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Twelve Oaks, five bikes

In the early days of Bike Year I wrote about the experience of riding my bicycle through the parking lot at the Twelve Oaks Shopping Center and the curious stares my presence evoked from motorists. Things have changed. We rode to Publix Monday evening and arrived to find a battered old mountain bike chained to a light pole. A SCAD student on a fixed gear Schwinn showed up at the same time we did. On the way out I noticed a Cannondale hybrid locked to a handrail.

It was a veritable bicycle riot!

What's more, two bystanders saw fit to make comments referencing economic benefits of bicycling. They said things along the lines of "I bet you get a lot of miles to the gallon on that thing!" Har har.

On a less positive note, a car was parked in the bike lane on the west side of Haberhsam Street, about 100 feet north of DeRenne Avenue. While motorists frequently park in the Lincoln Street bike lane, it's rare on Habersham.


brooklyn love said...

I used to live in Savannah as a youngin. I'm headed back after being in NYC for the past 10 years or so. I wasn't an avid biker in Savannah, but I'm debating on bringing her down there this summer. Any suggestions on the thought would be most appreciated. You are the closest thing to a bike collective that I can find through the matrix!

John said...

I would encourage you to bring your bike. Where in Savannah will you be staying?

brooklyn love said...

A couple of nights with a friend. Then downtown at a hotel probably. And I will be bringing bike! It's time to ride the hometown. Last Friday of the month. 5.30 at Franklin Square?

Jett said...

Hey, last Friday of the month and an impromptu gathering of cyclists? Sounds like a Critical Mass event ;-).

Glad to hear you'll be bringing the bike. I just rode mine there last weekend (started in Columbus on the other end of the state) and loved the short ride I had in Savannah. I've commented more about it in John's previous post.