Monday, June 18, 2007

A better way?

Legend has it there are parts of the United States where cyclists have access to multi-use paths and trails that are useful for transportation. I've heard fairy tales about people using MUPs to commute to work and for utility cycling. It's true that here's a .7 mile loop trail a couple of blocks from my house, but it has about as much transportational value as a basketball court.

A meeting later this week will examine the Chatham County elements of the proposed Coastal Georgia Greenway. Meeting details are here. The good news is that several of the Greenway segments could be used for more than recreation. The Truman Park Linear Trail, in particular, will be useful to Memorial Health University Medical Center employees who are commuting from areas between the hospital and Lake Mayer. Memorial personnel drive thousands of cars into the neighborhood every day. Maybe when the trail's complete, the hospital could convince a couple of them to ride their bikes.


Mauricio Babilonia said...

It's true. We have them here in Madison. Especially useful in winter.

cyclotour said...

Yes, there are places where off road bicycle trails and minimal on road facilities (e. g., wider but unmarked right hand lanes) did encourage more commuting by bicycle. Rochester NY's Riverview Trail, Genesee Greenway & Erie Canalway have all contributed to a significant number of bicycle commuters to the University of Rochester (including the Medical Center); Rochester Institute of Technology and businesses near those institutions and around the airport.

On another matter. You and every other bicyclist in Savannah must submit a comment card to Publix specifying that you want U, W, M, ribbon or post & ring (Toronto Style) bicycle racks in covered bicycle parking (seats get very hot in the sun, even here in the north) at every Publix. Do the same with Winn Dixie, Lion, other groceries, and every shopping mall. Have the municipality apply for funds from the Fed. Highway Admin. Transportation Enhancement funds specifically for parking racks & covered bicycle parking facilities. Folks will
bike more if they have a secure (a tree or a sign post may not be secure) place to lock their bikes.

If the public bus system does not have bicycle racks on the front of the buses then use some of that money to equip every and I mean every bus. E. g., the Rochester Genesee Transportation Authority gained about 1000 new riders every month after installing the racks.

Hey, I write bicycle tour guide books (Cyclotour Guide Books) and talk about how to encourage bike tourism, bicycle commuting and errand running.

Many years ago I biked down the East Coast through Savannah from Rochester NY to Ft. Lauderdale FL. Wonderful city. Wonderful people.