Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Savannah Bicycle Campaign is front page news

I was very happy to see the Savannah Bicycle Campaign's April 14 press conference on the front page of the Savannah Morning News this morning. Above the fold, even! You can read Chuck Mobley's excellent story and see John Carrington's photos here.

WTOC and WJCL/Fox 28 also made the scene. A short text summary is available on the WTOC site. And now Summer Teal Simpson has blogged about SBC on the Creative Coast's "Relocated Thinking."

UPDATE: Just found Jim Morekis' story, "Cycling into the future" in this week's Connect Savannah.

More information on joining the Savannah Bicycle Campaign and upcoming events including the Earth Day Savannah Wheelie Ride is available on the SBC Web site.

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Anonymous said...

We are looking for a used bicycle trailer for our toddler - like, for example, a wike or a burley. I am having a terrible time locating a local vendor or even someone with a used one. Do you have any leads?