Thursday, February 07, 2008

Who speaks for the bikes?

Gather a group of Savannah bicyclists in a room and they will invariably begin to share accounts of near misses involving inattentive or aggressive motorists. They'll compare notes on which portions of the Lincoln Street bike lane are most often blocked by parked cars. It happens every time cyclists come together, just as it did in a meeting I attended today.

Of course, there are some communities in which cyclists have it tougher than we do. And there are others in which cyclists can feel confident that the city's highest elected official has their backs. I suppose Savannah is somewhere in the middle. Or maybe it's more accurate to say we are in limbo. It could be worse, but it could be much better.

Is it time for a bicycle advocacy group to organize and lobby for infrastructure improvements, law enforcement initiatives and educational campaigns that will make Savannah's streets safer for transportational cyclists? What form would such a group take? What would be it's mission? How could it cooperate with our cousins in the realm of recreational cycling? Is there common ground to be found with those working to improve public transportation and pedestrian facilities? What would the group be called? How often would it meet? Would there be food at the meetings?

Please share your ideas in the comments section.

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jett said...

Good questions. All it takes to start is a few people getting together and deciding to pursue some common goals.

Of course, obtaining 501(3)c tax status is a big help, but mostly it's just getting together like-minded people.

It sounds like Savannah is reaching the point that there are enough like-minded people to get this going.