Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Three out of 50 is not that bad

I'm pleased to announce that there are now three dedicated bicycle commuters working in my building. I've seen their bikes locked up outside, but today is the first time we all arrived at work at exactly the same time. I pulled up to the bike rack about two minutes after Jennifer (she passed me about a half mile from work). Less than a minute later, Hon wheeled up. Around 50 people work in my building, but three bicycle commuters isn't bad for a city in which people routinely drive for any trip of two blocks or more.


Jett said...

6% far exceeds the bike commuting percentage in my building. There are probably a few thousand people in my building and usually my bike is by itself. Occasionally there is another bike and once there were three of us.

I prefer to count the commuters I see during my ride because there are more of those.

Anonymous said...

Any beginning is a good beginning - keep it up, folks; you will soon have most of the rest of them jealous of you when they pull up to the pumps. Val

Evan said...

I've yet to see another bike locked on the rack in front of Suntrust Plaza, and it's 60 stories. There are usually two or three down the street at Peachtree Center.

Jett said...

Well, the jealous part has been rather slow. I started riding to this building in 1999. At least in the last couple of years I occasionally see another bike at the rack.

On the street however is a different story. Over these past few months, there is a noticeable increase. I've started recording the number of commuters I encounter when I post to my blog Atlanta Intown Cycling.

John, how does it look on the Savannah streets?

John said...

It's looked great today, Jett. I saw three other bicycle commuters on the way to work today. My building is now home to five regular commuters.