Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Seven miles and two costume changes

In the crazy world of bicycle commuting, there are people who commute 30 miles or more everyday in all kinds of weather. Commutes of this kind generally require cycling-specific clothing, access to showers and lockers at work, and plenty of willpower. My roundtrip, by comparison, is around five miles. Except for today. I've already ridden more than seven.

Today I rode to work with my wife's keys in my pocket. Just as I reached the office, she called to report she was locked inside the house. I pedaled -- double-time -- back to the house to release her so she could go to work. On arrival at home, I was more moist than I would prefer to be at the beginning of the workday. So I had to cool down and change into dry clothes before heading back to the office.

I've commuted to work by bicycle almost every day for almost a year. During this time, my decision not to drive has created few negative consequences for me or my employer. Still, on hot and humid days like today, it would have been much easier simply to turn the car around and zip back to the house.


Evan said...

Amen brother. I swear I must loose a pound of water weight via sweat on my ride home. I keep thinking to myself Fall is almost here.

yumanbing said...

Ahh ... been there. Just last week I had to go back home from the office because I forgot to bring a shirt! It's only 9 mile round trip.

Dre said...

That was something that was always difficult to deal with when I was in class at SCAD. Riding to class and then realizing that you forgot something that you needed, hopping on the bike again and doing the return trip was torture. And if the humidity didn't get you, the rain always did :) Still it felt good to know that I could do that and not be that out of breath when finished.

Anonymous said...

when the cost of a mistake is high, the effort to prevent the mistake should be increased accordingly. now i've vowed to add pocket-check to my once-over before every ride.