Thursday, August 25, 2005

Meet my utility cycle

This is the bicycle I've been riding most of this Bike Year. It's an L.L. Bean-branded steel frame hybrid, manufactured in China. It's known on the street as the "Acadia Multi-Terrain." Sounds tough, right? I traded a $20 bill for this bicycle at a garage sale earlier this summer.

The Acadia features legendary Shimano Altus C-20 components and grip shifters (I'm pretty sure Lance LeMond was running the Altus package the first time he won the French Open). I've modified the bike with parts from the sale and clearance areas of Nashbar, unless otherwise noted below.

I replaced the dry-rotted Kendas with Panaracer CTX 700x37C tires and new tubes, and installed Zefal Cab fenders. I swapped out the flat steel bar for one item I really splurged on: Nitto North Road aluminum upright bars from Harris Cyclery. The rack is a Nashbar LDT with Nashbar grocery bag panniers (shown in the folded-up position here). My headlight is a Cateye EL200. My taillight is a Planet Bike BRT-1 from my local bike shop of choice, Star Bike.

The unusual red water bottle you see in the cage is actually the reservoir for the incredibly loud AirZound horn, also from Harris Cylclery. Last week, I added a Planet Bike Protege 9.0 computer purchased at Star Bike. This will allow me to keep more a accurate measure of "Miles This Bike Year," for all of you playing along at home. This Acadia came to me with a nearly-new Serfas comfort saddle, which my wife wanted for her Raleigh M-40DX mountain bike. So, the saddle you see in the picture is the Avenir that came from her bike. That's probably the next thing I want to switch out. Also, for this project, I purchased my third bicycle-specific tool, a Park Tools FR-1 freewheel remover.

Last night on my commute home, I encountered a beach cruiser piloted by a guy wearing a turquoise-colored hardhat and an orange safety vest. At first I thought he was sporting some sort of improvised cycling outfit. But as I got closer, I examined his bike and noticed it had lights and a rear rack with really nice panniers. He was a TIC employee returning from a job site. That's right, this a confirmed sighting of a bicycle commuter dressed in his work attire. Are high gasoline prices leading more people to commute on bicycles? Oil is for Sissies is gathering evidence, Treehugger conducted a survey and Adrian endorses bicycle use. You decide.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog!

Thanks for showing me yours. Ok now stand back. I'm gonna show you mine!

Nicole said...

I want your bike soooo bad!!!